I've always had a love for exotic and historic locales,
creepy houses, twisted characters and doomed
romance--all of which grew out ofyouthful habits of
excessive reading of gothic novels and short stories
by Lovecraft and Poe, and a near-compulsive
attendance at Saturday matinee double creature

I began composing fiction while in grade school. It
was a hybrid mystery/suspense piece, a Bobsey
Twins meet Norman Bates type of story. That was
put on hold  until, the mid-1980s. I was working as a copywriter. I had an office, a typewriter, and often a lot of time on my hands. I could read a book, or I could write one. I opted for writing.

The result was Shattered Glass, the first in a series of
vampire novels featuring the Austra family of glass-
workers. They are their own breed -- a tight-knit family
of immortals as sophisticated, creative and as nice as
circumstances allow them to be.

I've also written four novels under my grandmother's
name, Marie Kiraly,  including  Mina ... The Dracula Story
Continues, and  its sequel,  Blood to Blood ... The Dracula
Story Continues (both books were later reissued under
my own name), the first with an appropriately lurid cover.

Poe, Aleistar Crowley, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Bathory and
other  historic figures frequently appear in my novels. 
I love taking people who once lived and helping them to
live again, to walk through their minds and their time and their psyches. And since
I'm borrowing their lives, I owe it to them and to my readers to get the details right.

When I start a novel, every day's work seems terrible to me. I hand in the finished product with hundreds of misgivings. By the time I get the copyedited manuscript, it looks pretty good. By the time the galley proofs come my way, I find the work marvelous, but if you ask me where all of it came from, in truth, I can only say that my characters write it all.

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